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Coalition Continues To Breach Sweden’s Agreement In Hodeidah Province Over 24 Hours: Military Media

HODEIDAH, July 15 (YPA) – The US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition’s mercenaries continued their violations of Sweden’s agreement in Hodeidah province over the past 24 hours, the Military Media said in a statement on Monday.

The spy and warplanes of coalition flew extensively over districts.

A child was injured by a mortar shell launched by coalition’s mercenaries on citizen’shome in Jabalia area of Tuhayta district.

A citizen was wounded by coalition’s mercenaries fires in Falh area of Tuhayta district.

The mercenaries bombarded Zaafran and Mahl al-Shaikh villages in Kilo 16 area.

23 artillery shells wer launched to Jah, Jabalya and Hais districts.

The mercenaries also shelled a station on Khamseen street.

They shelled al-Ettihad hotel in 7 July area, too.

Thekra Khalid