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Major General Mohsen Khasrof calls for public, transparent trial

SANAA, July 14 (YPA) – Major General Mohsen Khasrof, a pro-coalition official demanded a public trail after the exiled Hadi’s decision to arrest him and refer him to the investigation.

“The country is dearer and more precious than any position, and I am ready to sacrifice myself for the sake of the nation and Yemen to be prosecuted, in one condition that trail should be in a public and transparent,” Mohsen Khasrof said on his Facebook on Friday evening.

On Thursday, Mohsen Khasrof, was referred for investigation, and a decision was issued to suspend him from work and to be referred for investigation for “violating professional controls and regulations “, according to the decision.
At a time when local sources indicate that Khasrof, was placed in prison under investigation.

Major General Mohsen Khasrof has made strong criticism against the Saudi-led coalition in a telephone call on the fake Yemen TV channel.

He stressed that the coalition prevented exiled Hadi’s forces from advancing on Nihem front, the West Coast front and other fronts.

He said the coalition does not trust the army on a rifle, a missile or an airplane.

In 2015, Major General Mohsen Khasrof was appointed as the director of the Moral Guidance Department by the exiled Hadi.