YEMEN Press Agency

5 military operations target coalition forces in Jawf

JAWF, July 11 (YPA) – The Yemeni army backed by popular committees on Thursday carried out five military operations targeting Saudi-led coalition forces in several fronts of Jawf province, a military official told Yemen Press Agency.

The official said that three surprise attacks were launched against a number of the coalition forces’ positions in the districts of Khab Washaf and al-Maslob, which left several dead in their ranks and losses in military gear.

The first operation targeted the coalition sites in al-Wajaf front, the second one on sites in Astor front in Khab Washaf district, and the third one targeted positions in al-Halow front in al-Maslob, the official explained.

The army’s engineering unit carried out two operations; the first operation by ambushing a group of the coalition troops in Astor front, and the second one by ambushing another group of the coalition soldiers in al-Moton front in al-Maslob district, according to the official.

Many of the coalition soldiers were killed and wounded in the two operations, he added.