YEMEN Press Agency

New epidemic hits Aden city

ADEN, July 11 (YPA) – A new epidemic had hit a number of citizens during past few days in the port city of Aden, southern Yemen, a medical source reported on Thursday.

“A strange skin epidemic, which may be (scabies), causes a state of hysterical itching in patients and increases in the evening,” Crater news website quoted the medical source as saying.

The epidemic has hit hundreds of people in different parts of Aden, specifically Crater area, where it spreads very quickly among citizens without any action by the Ministry of Health to contain it, the source added.

He pointed out that pharmacies exploited citizens with this disease and sold a fat substance used for body, claiming that it treats itching, for 1300 riyals a bag, taking advantage of the absence of government control.

This comes in light of the absence of health control, and amid security chaos witnessed by Aden and the southern provinces due to the presence of the Saudi-Emirati occupation.