YEMEN Press Agency

Senior leader of southern transitional council found murdered in Shabwa

SHABWA, July 3 (YPA) – A senior leader of the Southern Transitional Council backed by the UAE occupation was found murdered on Wednesday in Shabwa province, eastern Yemen.

Sources confirmed that citizens found the body of the leader in the transitional council Hussein Khamis al-Khammar dead in Baihan area, without any information on the circumstances of his killing.

This came after citizens found on Tuesday a body of a telecommunication officer of the 19th Infantry Brigade, loyal to Saudi-led coalition, dead inside his car in al-Safra area of Baihan district in Shabwa.

Assassination crimes have increased in Shabwa province after the capital city of the province witnessed armed clashes between forces loyal to the military leader of Islah Party (Muslim Brotherhood) Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar and the UAE-backed “Shabwaniya elite” militias during last week.