YEMEN Press Agency

UAE-backed militias kidnap team in charge of repairing oil pipeline in Shabwa

SHABWA, June 25 (YPA) – The so-called “Shabwaniya elite militia” backed by the UAE on Tuesday kidnapped an engineering team in charge of repairing the crude oil pipeline in Shabwa province, southeast of Yemen, and took them to an unknown destination.

The engineering team was kidnapped during heading to repair the damage caused by Monday’s bombing in the crude oil pipeline extending from the oil field No. 4 in al-Oqla area to the oil port of Al-Nushayma, according to sources.

On Monday, gunmen affiliated with the southern transitional council backed by the UAE blew up a pipeline to export crude oil in Mater area in al-Rawdha district of Shabwa province, in conjunction with a mass demonstration called for the expulsion of forces loyal to Hadi’s government and the military leader in Islah Party Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar.