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Ministerial Committee on Cholera discusses measures taken to combat epidemic

SANAA, June 25 (YPA) – The Ministerial Committee for Combating Cholera Epidemic, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs Mahmoud al-Junaid, on Tuesday discussed procedures to confront the spread of the epidemic in the capital Sanaa and several provinces.

During the meeting, attended by Ministers of Health, Information, Agriculture and Irrigation, Local Administration and Awqaf and Guidance, Chairman of the Technical Sub-Committee – Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for Care Sector – Dr. Mohammed al-Mansour presented an explanation on the Committee’s work and the epidemiological situation.

Al-Mansour touched on the difficulties facing the work of the committee at the coordination and technical level.

The meeting stressed that all ministries and relevant authorities should take their respective responsibilities in order to confront the epidemic and prevent it from spreading.

The attendees praised all the efforts and urgent interventions to combat the epidemic whether in the capital or the provinces.