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Sanaa’s Economic Committee welcomes UN efforts to release fuel ships

SANAA, April 18 (YPA) – The Higher Economic Committee on Thursday welcomed the efforts exerted by the United Nations and the diplomatic and governmental bodies to end arbitrary measures imposed by Saudi-led aggression coalition countries on fuel imports to the port of Hodeidah.

“The unjustified holding of 10 oil vessels off the coasts of Hodeidah for weeks has led to a stifling fuel crisis, which affected all aspects of live and aggravated the deteriorating humanitarian situation,” a source at the Committee said in a statement.

The source pointed out that “such arbitrary crippling practices against oil trade have become unacceptable internationally and humanely.”

He called for quick release of the held ships and allowing their access to the port of Hodeidah, holding the aggression countries and the mercenaries’ government responsible for consequences of delaying the fuel vessels’ release.

The source praised the responsible humanitarian efforts made by civil society organizations, writers, intellectuals, journalists and media at home and abroad in order to clarify the reality of the siege on the Yemeni people by blocking the entry of oil derivatives, calling for continued pressure to end the siege in all its forms.

He stressed the need for the United Nations to play its role in protecting the Yemeni people in accordance with the provisions of international laws and pressure on the coalition and its tools to stop the siege and destruction and systematic killing against the people of Yemen.

The source confirmed that the committee, as declared repeatedly, is ready to negotiate and coordinate in order to neutralize the economy.