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Deputy FM: Yemeni parliament has the right to prepare for supplementary elections

SANAA, April 14 (YPA) – Deputy Foreign Minister Hussein al-Izzi has said that people is the source of legitimacy, and only recognizes steadfast PM members who stand with their homeland, and those who were elected on Saturday.

“Those who brought by (ambassador) who has described them as sheep to support the siege of the people and occupy the land, seen by the people as mercenaries and will not find the anyone to recognize them,” Izzi said in a press statement.

He noted that there are two legal cases in which PM member in the House of Representatives had been stripped of membership and required for certain actions by the Council.

The second is the fall of membership and this happens automatically as soon as the reason is available like queuing with countries attacking Yemen.

 The Deputy Foreign Minister confirmed that the fools had dropped their membership and the Parliament had the right to prepare again for a supplemental election.

“What the fools did yesterday is that they implicitly acknowledged Hadi’s illegality, granted us the legitimacy of the Parliament, automatically dropped their membership,” he said, adding that their circles have the right to elect the alternative.


He concluded that this is the logic of the Constitution and the Rules of Procedure of the House of Representatives.