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Bold decision taken by President al-Mashat confuses all Saudi-led coalition’s calculations

SANAA, April 14 (YPA) -President of the Supreme Political Council, Mahdi al-Mashat has made the decision of holding elections to fill the vacant seats in parliament. The election process has proceeded at a high pace at various preparatory and electoral stages in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Yemen.

The importance of this decision is that it coincided with the political movement of the Saudi-led coalition, the exiled Hadi and his government, who are carrying out a malicious scheme that seeks to complete their plan to occupy Yemen’s wealth.

President al-Mashat has stated his belief that the country can’t go forward on the path of construction and development unless bold decisions are taken, including the decision to hold elections to fill the 34 vacant seats in parliament

The official national decision issued by President Mahdi Al-Mashat came on Saturday, April 13, through the large turnout of 453 polling stations in 24 election districts.

The elections took place in an atmosphere of transparency, with oversight participation of the United Nations and 50 local and international organisations.

The successful election is a great accomplishment that sends firm signals and message that the people and their parliament in the Yemeni capital Sana’a are the basis of all legitimacy in Yemen, and showcases that despite the continued aggression, bombings, food shortages and epidemic diseases, the determination of the Yemeni people continues unabated.

Today, Sana’a has filled the parliamentary seats, and tomorrow it will continue the construction process in accordance with a purely national vision, with a popular and powerful national wall of steadfastness.