YEMEN Press Agency

Tribal rally in Amran declares mobilization to confront coalition plots

AMRAN, March. 11 (YPA) – Tribesmen and sheikhs of Eyal Soraih district of Amran province on Monday staged a tribal meeting to declare a public mobilization to back the army in confronting the Saudi-led coalition and its plots.

At the rally, the participants disowned traitors backed by the coalition and rejected the normalization with the Zionist entity.

The tribesmen stressed the strong stance of the Yemeni people towards the Palestinian cause to defend the Arab and Islamic nation’s holy places.

The rally affirmed the full readiness to confront the confront the coalition and its militias and defend Yemen and its sovereignty.

They praised great triumphs made by the army in all fronts, especially against the bandits in Abaisa area of Hajjah province.

Ali Ahsan