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Report: Dozens Saudi-led coalition militias killed in several battle fronts over 24 hours

SANAA, Jan. 5 (YPA) – The Yemeni army attacked sites and groups of the Saudi-led coalition militias in several fronts over the past 24 hours, killing and wounding dozens, the official told Yemen Press Agency on Saturday.

Marib province, the army’s drone, Qasef 1, waged a series of strikes on groups of the militias in al-Nasser camp, leaving heavy casualties on the militias.

In Taiz province, a number of the militias were killed and injured in the army’s attack on sites in al-Dhabab and al-Wazaih areas, as well as a military vehicle was destroyed.

The army foiled an attack by the militias towards Maqbanah area, killing and hurt several of the militias.

In Jawf province, the army  destroyed two military vehicles and killed their crew members in attacks carried out in two districts of al-Maton and Khab Washaf.

In Bayda province, several of the militias were killed and hurt in a strong ambush in Qanih area.

Separately, the army attacked and retook over on several sites from the militias in Rashah, killing and wounded several of the militias in Najran province.

The army fired missile, Zilzal 1, on Saudi military groups in Akafah complex and al-Hamad site, leaving heavy losses.

In Asir province, the army repelled an attack of the militias backed by the coalition fighter jets in Alb crossing, killing and injuring  a number of the militias, as well as a military truck was destroyed in al-Rabuah area.

The army launched eight missiles, Zilzal 1, on various sites in al-Khubah area and al-Dud site, hitting the target directly, the official added.

Ali Ahsan