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Guardian: The war in Yemen is disastrous as US involvement would make things worse

SANAA, June 11 (YPA) – The London-based Guardian daily said on Monday that Donald Trump is quietly escalating America’s role in the Saudi-led war on Yemen, disregarding the huge humanitarian toll and voices in Congress that are trying to rein in the Pentagon’s involvement.

It said Trump administration officials are considering a request from Saudi Arabia and its ally, the United Arab Emirates, for direct US military intervention to retake Yemen’s main port from the Yemeni army.

Hodeidah port is a major conduit for humanitarian aid in Yemen, and a prolonged battle could be catastrophic for millions of civilians who depend on already limited aid, it said.

“With little public attention or debate, Trump has already expanded US military assistance to his Saudi and UAE allies – in ways that are prolonging the Yemen war and increasing civilian suffering. Soon after Trump took office in early 2017,” it said.

Ahmed al-Mutauakil/zak