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Minister of Agriculture: Yemen achieves self-sufficiency in producing corn, potatoes

SANAA, July 14 (YPA) – The Minister of Agriculture, Abdual-malik al-Thour confirmed on Tuesday that Yemen achieved self-sufficiency in producing corn and potatoes.

He said that the Ministry is working on reaching the great challenge of wheat self-sufficiency.

He declared also that water resources can make Jawf province a basis for feeding Yemen, indicating that Jawf produces the best types of grains, particularly wheat, confirming that there are plans that the Ministry of Agriculture is working on to make Jawf a promising area in providing food needs for Yemen.

The Minister declared that salvation government is seeking to revive the agricultural sector in Jawf, and tillage and harvesting services have been provided to farmers.

He reiterated the existence of a five-year plan mechanism and the preparation of a national vision for achieving agricultural self-sufficiency.