YEMEN Press Agency

Violent clashes erupt in Lahj between pro-coalition factions

LAHJ, July 10 (YPA) – Violent clashes with heavy weapons broke out on Thursday night  in al-Anad area of Lahj province, southern Yemen, between forces of the so-called “Fourth Military Region” and the so-called “Second Giants Brigade”, which are loyal to Saudi-led coalition.

The two parties to the conflict continue to mobilize their forces and send several military reinforcements to al-Anad, while al-Sabiha tribes and al-Qaeda members joined forces to participate in the clashes in al-Kassara area of the province, according to local sources.

The occupied southern provinces have been witnessing a continual bloody conflict between Islah Party militants and the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council’s militias for more than two months, despite Saudi Arabia’s attempts to stop it by sponsoring a shaky ceasefire between the two parties.