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Telecommunications ministry reveals reasons behind internet outage

SANAA, Feb. 11 (YPA) – An official source in the Yemen’s Ministry of Telecommunications in the national salvation government has revealed the main reasons behind internet outage across Yemen.

In a statement to official State News Agency (SABA), the official said that Saudi-led coalition soldiers cut off the international links, which caused the deterioration of the internet services.

“The deterioration of the internet services and the critical situation it reached is due to the repercussions of what the coalition soldiers recently made to cut alternative international connections, as well as because the coalition continued to prevent Yemeni communications from using their ownership in other international maritime cables and the international community’s silence on those crimes,” the official added .

He confirmed that the procedures for repairing the marine cable (Falcon) are continuing, expecting the return of service within days, according to the company (TeleYemen), indicating that the ministry is following this with great interest.

The Ministry held the coalition countries responsible for this suffering, and the resulting paralysis that is almost complete in all aspects.