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Israeli soldier stabbed to death in Hebron

SANAA, Aug. 8 (YPA) – An Israeli soldier was killed on Thursday morning after being stabbed near the Gush Etzion settlement in Hebron, Israel’s Channel 7 reported.

According to the same channel, the background of the stabbing operation is not yet clear, pointing out that large Israeli army and police forces are present at the scene and are conducting sweeps in the area.

Other Israeli media reported that the stabbing may have taken place following the abduction of the soldier, whose body was found by Israeli soldiers at 2:30 a.m. on Thursday, lying between the settlements of Afarat and Majdal Oz.

“The soldier’s family reported of losing contact with him in the late hours of the night and the Occupying Forces began a large-scale search for him until his body was found lying next to the street with stab wounds,” the Israeli army spokesman said.

In the same context, the Shabak said that the talk is about a commando operation and is now carrying out large intelligence operations with the occupation army to monitor the cell that carried out the stabbing.

“An Israeli army soldier was kidnapped and killed in the Etzion area last night, and his body was discovered Thursday morning, on the side of the road between Efrat and Majdal Oz with stab wounds,” Alon Ben-David, the military correspondent and analyst at the Israeli TV Channel 10 said.