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Desert snakes kill 8 Saudi army mercenaries

HADRAMOUT, July 17 (YPA) – At least eight Yemeni recruits have died after being exposed to bites of poisonous snakes in a camp of Saudi army mercenaries in Al-Wadia’a area of Hadramout province near the Yemeni-Saudi border.

Sources said that five Yemeni recruits died of bites of snakes on Tuesday after the death of three others on Monday inside the camp as a result of not receiving necessary health services.

Yemeni mercenaries suffer greatly in Saudi-led coalition camps due to malnutrition and harsh treatment towards them by Saudi military officers who oversee the process of recruiting and training them before being deported to the Saudi-Yemeni border to defend Saudi territory from attacks of the Yemeni army and popular committees.

The camp of receiving Yemeni mercenaries is located in a desert area in Al-Wadia’a area near the border between Yemen and Saudi Arabia.